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'72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 29th Aug 10 at 4:00pm
Made a road trip up to Ukiah yesterday at the butt crack of dawn to pick up the new project rig. Needs a bit of work but hey dont all rigs need work at first. Got some big plans for this bad boy hope they fall into place like i want them to.







Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By Dmczeke (dmczeke) on 29th Aug 10 at 5:41pm
Looks like you bit off a lot to chew there. Good luck with the build. Has that cruiser been on craigslist lately?

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 29th Aug 10 at 8:08pm
Yeah there's a lot to do but I just switched plans from the 4runner to the cruiser so I already had a lot to do but now its for a cruiser.

My buddy found it on craigslist first part of last week. He found it lookin in sac and was lookin at jeeps and this popped up in ukiah.

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By BigRob (bigrob) on 30th Aug 10 at 5:17am

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By jeremyhengl (jeremyhengl) on 30th Aug 10 at 7:33am
Gonna be sick I like cruisers

BTW. The mower croaked yesterday {Cry}
the piston dosent move with crank lol
found a master rebuild kit on eBay for 100 bucks new piston rod all the bs
it's kinda funny I was really depressed

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By matt (matt) on 30th Aug 10 at 8:56am
Lots of potential in that rig! Someday I'll build a cruiser also I've always really liked them!

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 30th Aug 10 at 9:15am
Yeah i cant wait to start tearing into it and get to building. I've always liked cruisers but they are always so expensive, i just happened to be in the right spot at the right time.

Hengl that sucks. well hope you can get it back running again. if not what a fine looking lawn orniment. lol

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By BigRob (bigrob) on 30th Aug 10 at 9:41pm
its Hengl.......... {Rolleyes}

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By HOGAN (hogan) on 30th Aug 10 at 9:48pm
LOL!!!! {Grin} Rob and I got your back Jeremy! Smiley

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 15th Sep 10 at 9:31pm
Did a little work on the Cruiser. Gotta tear it down before you build it up right?







I swear I couldnt take a picture without Jason in it everytime i tried there he was again. Thanks for the help bro.

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By jiMMythejerk (jimmythejerk) on 16th Sep 10 at 12:32pm
yup, cruisers rule. although heavy and $$$$$, worth it everytime... mines getting the cut treatment here soon. needs to be a lil more toyhauler friendly and well its been 8 years since any major building... its time!!!.... have fun working in the open air!!!!! let me know if you need anything as i have nothing... hahahah. i do have my old old complete powersteering with hydro set up thats complete!!!!!

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 16th Sep 10 at 10:26pm
Yes Jimmy Cruisers do rule. I will say i never pictured myself having one because yes most are $$$$$$$$.

Just got done a bit ago stripping the frame of all the old wires, fuel lines, break lines, radiator and some other random non-usable ruble. Just gotta pull the old motor tranny and transfer case next and start cleaning the body and and strengthening the frame a bit.

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By BigRob (bigrob) on 17th Sep 10 at 5:44am
looking good Kody, i'll have to walk over and check it out this weekend sometime.

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 30th Sep 10 at 10:14pm
Did a little more de-construction of the cruiser got the motor trans and t-case out thanks to help of my good buddy Danni {Grin}
Rear axle is out and getting ready to be someone else's axle tomorrow, fingers crossed he comes through. stripped the body down all the way now just trying to figure out where to cut the body and the frame.

front axle is all loose just gotta get some more jack stands so i can set the frame up an yank the axle out.

changing up the back of the frame still workin on where im gonna cut it and rebuild


Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By HOGAN (hogan) on 1st Oct 10 at 2:24pm

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 3rd Oct 10 at 7:49pm
Well the rear axle is gone and the guys coming back with some more money to snag the front too. Almost time to put the frame in the garage and start the mods. {Wink} {Wink}

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By BigRob (bigrob) on 3rd Oct 10 at 10:15pm

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By jeremyhengl (jeremyhengl) on 4th Oct 10 at 10:19pm
Glad to see someones working on their rig {Cool} keep up the work brother it'll be done before you know it

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 15th Jan 11 at 9:28pm
so its been awhile since i updated, well theres nothing to update yet but hopefully soon. Sold the Green Machine today so i could fund this build. trying to decide on some parts still but still plenty of grinding and welding on the frame soon now that the garage is empty. updates soon.

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 24th Jan 11 at 12:20am
Got some stuff moved around this weekend, got a few deliveries!!! Smiley Smiley Hope to have the frame in the garage soon to get to work on that, thinking i might need to get it sandblasted if anyone knows a good place let me know. Or Im gonna spend hours wire wheeling this thing and could use some company (help) so come on by. {Grin}

TBI 350

Some lower link meterial 2" 325 wall DOM FREEBIE!!! Smiley

Front kingpin 60

Rear 14 bolt and a Dana 44 front thats gonna be used for parts to make the rear 14 disc break.

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 24th Jan 11 at 12:23am
Sad sad day. The little yota that could, last picture of her before i let her go last weekend. (note the Junkyard camo)


Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By HOGAN (hogan) on 24th Jan 11 at 11:23pm
Very nice!

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 17th Feb 11 at 8:39pm
got a little more progress in the past 2 weeks since i didnt get to go to the hammers.


Lets go!!


Started cleanin the frame


WOW that was kinda of a pain, but still not as bad as i thought it would be.


Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 17th Feb 11 at 8:42pm
also cut the perches off the 14 bolt and shock tabs. Still gotta get the bottom trimmed up a little to keep it from hangin up.

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 26th Feb 11 at 11:06pm
Been doin some work on the cruiser when i can. Stoked that i got the Registration and plates from DMV!!! Thanks for the help Jason.

well got the frame all cleaned up and welded it on the top side.

Big Country Hubbard came over the other day and helped me flip it on over s so i could could clean and weld the bottom of the frame as well.

Welded up the bottom side and cut off the rest of the spring mounts on the frame.

and last weekend picked me up one of them fancy transfer cases too!!

Now i need to find a TH400 and stuffs gonna start getting mocked up and put in!!! forward momentum feels so good.

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By Sillyneck (sillyneck) on 5th Mar 11 at 5:58pm
there's a 2wd 400 at my shop for $300. supposedly recently rebuilt. it's tim's and that's what he wants for it.

Re: '72 FJ40 - Posted By kodizzle (kodizzle) on 19th Apr 11 at 7:32pm
well just got the th400 dropped off after a rebuild and new torque converter. now that i have the motor tranny and t-case time to staet mounting everything up. pics soon